Menü Bezárás

Babel Nights is a triple concert of world music that takes place in Barcelona on the last Saturday of each month. This festival brings together a local band and international band hosted by the collective and band MiraMundo.
At the end of the third concert, all the musicians of the 3 bands go on stage to play together, recreating an ephemeral „Babel-Mundo” moment. The last edition, in November 2018, brought together more than 10 different nationalities.

Babel Nights has developed through a fruitful partnership with the Hungarian Babel Sound Festival  which has already organized more than 8 festivals, more than 403 concerts with musicians of the whole world.
We are also developing a range of interdisciplinary arts activities (screenings, creative workshops, etc.) that promote living together and multiculturalism.

Babel Nights in your town

Given the smooth operation and success of its Hungarian and Spanish editions, we had open the possibility to bring Babel Nights to other places like Morocco, France, Denmark and any other place that wants to collaborate.

The Babel Nights project

Babel Nights is a festival of world music that mixes arts and cultures to bring out new creativity. By multiplying the artistic and geographical bridges, the collective makes it possible to diffuse and to merge cultural elements of the whole world. For artists, it offers the possibility of fruitful musical collaborations, as well as a transnational network of actors and places of expression. For the public, it is an opportunity to listen to both local and international groups, to discover musical fusions and artistic cross-fertilization during trans-disciplinary creative performances. Each edition of Babel Nights is an unpredictable and generous blend of creative energies.